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Risk Indicators

This information is required to allow support workers to prepare for the assessment fully. Please give as much detail as you are aware of especially where there may be concerns for lone working.

Please note lack of information may result in a delay of the referral being processed.

*If you are making this referral for an individual that is not known to you and/or you do not consider it appropriate to complete this section, please tick the box below. (Please ensure the ‘Network of Support/other agencies involved’ details are completed in full as this will allow us to make the necessary enquiries regarding risk

Monitoring Our Services

We are committed to providing a service, which is fair and available to everyone. To help us monitor this, please answer the following questions. Your response will be kept confidential, however from time to time we will contact a sample of responses who have not taken up for the service to ensure that there is fair access to the service.

Confidentiality - Data Protection

Confidentiality – Data Protection Act 1998

We deal with personal and sensitive information in line with the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal and sensitive information is what you have told us about yourself, or what other organisations have told us about you, or may tell us in the future.  We will always hold and use information in accordance with the law.

This may include using it for statistical or research purposes, and to update our records. We may need to share some details about you with other organisations that have the right to see them, such as the police or social services. We will never give details to companies outside of the Thrive Partnership unless you have given permission.  Customers have the right to see any personal information held about them and to correct any that is wrong. However, will not be able to see information that others have given us in confidence. We may make a small charge for finding and copying the information.

Applicant Confirmation

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