Customer Story MJ

M.J was referred to us from her housing manager at the Wrekin Housing Trust as M.J recently had her

elderly mother move in with her, both physically disabled. Their housing manager had some concerns

around their health and financial support needs not being met.

The referral highlighted that M.J was physically disabled

down one side of her body, as well as having epilepsy and

reading difficulties. It also indicated that M.J’s mother had

lung and heart disease as well as Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

When I assessed M.J and her mother, they were unsure of

what support was available in terms of aids and

adaptations to help them live independently in their home.

I supported them to complete an occupational therapy

assessment, and contacted their landlord to get some

handrails installed.

M.J and her mother were both unsure of what benefits

they were claiming and other entitlements due to their age

and vulnerabilities. I supported them to apply for warm

home discount through their utility supplier, apply for a

free TV license and also manage the outstanding repairs in

the property.

I supported M.J and her mother on an ad-hoc basis due to the limited support needs identified and they were unable to access a drop in hub due to their disabilities. I visited them at home on three occasions to complete the support needs and left them with Thrive contact details should they require support again in the future. I also notified their housing manager/referrer of the support outcomes.


-Maintaining suitable accommodation

- Support to manage own/family health

-Maintaining healthy lifestyle

-Registering with health services

-Increase in confidence

-Feeling more independent

-Improved emotional well being

- Help to find other help

-Accessing specialist services

-Engaging with support services

- Resolving benefit problems

- Managing money better

-managing a budget

“Support has been very helpful, we didn’t know about what services and other benefits were available to us like getting a free TV license for my elderly mother!” M.J