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Thrive Telford Floating Support

About us

Thrive Floating Support is an established partnership across voluntary sector organisations (Stay, Kip & YMCA) that provide high-quality, person-centered support for individuals in need.  

To support individuals receiving service we use a wide range of activities to meet their individual needs. As a not-for-profit partnership, we are committed to using our assets and resources to create opportunities for people we support. All our services are individualised and deliver valued outcomes for those participating.

Thrive Floating Support helps residents of Telford and  Wrekin who are over 16 and have support needs. We provide appointments for short term support, as well as longer term options within a tiered support system, some of which is time limited in nature. Following an assessment, we will coproduce a unique plan of support which utilize all of the support types required as part of a response to address the needs and create greater independence. The service will be clear from the outset as to what tier of support is being offered and what is available to them. The service is underpinned by a ‘What's on Top’ approach; encouraging and empowering individuals to identify what they feel is most important in terms of their support, to make a positive impact on their well being. This also enables individuals be empowered, central and value all areas of support. 

How we do it

We offer 3 ‘tiers’ or levels of support within Thrive Floating Support:           

Tier 3: Up to 6 months of support that would commence with a planned staggered reduction in support. All services within tier 1 will also be available and will be part of creating a wider, holistic package of support which encourages skills  building and group support to create resilience.
Tier 2: Up to 6 weeks of support as a diversion from crisis, including 5 hours per week of support which can be used flexibly to achieve goals.
Tier 1: Drop in sessions, resources for signposting, I.T. for housing opportunities, jobs, benefits and support to attend workshops and skills building sessions.

Drop-in Support: Universal drop in service offered virtually via an appointments system, as well as locations across the borough to meet identified need to sustain individuals in the community. Includes a specialist dedicated drop-in for those who are homeless and rough sleeping.

How to access support

The service is open to anyone over the age of 16 and living in Telford and Wrekin. Individuals who require support must make contact and self-refer to the service via the options set out below. An appointment will be offered to discuss needs. Should an individual be unable to make contact, a representative can do this on their behalf with consent. 

Please get in touch: 

01952 504325